Diversity Champions


Team Manager – Web Inbound Support TD Insurance
Halifax, NS

 ” I am super thankful for the welcoming and inclusive community we have here in Atlantic Canada.
…I wanted to give a shout out, not only to the black community in Nova Scotia, but the general community as well. I feel like I have been able to be welcomed, accepted, and I feel celebrated for my contributions that I have brought to Atlantic Canada.
The community is what makes people feel welcome, makes people feel invited, makes people feel celebrated… If the culture in Atlantic Canada wasn’t what it is today, people wouldn’t still be coming here.”

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Account Manager, TD Commercial Banking
Halifax, NS

“Life here is a double-edged sword: difficult, but also amazing! I found an amazing Black community in Halifax. They welcomed me with open arms and supported me through one of the toughest periods of my life. This community is one of the reasons I love living here, and why I will stay in Atlantic Canada.”

“My goal is to amplify underserved Black voices and show how much we have and can provide to the people living here. My hope is to have more eyes on Black Atlantic Canada because everyone has a story that’s worthy to share.”

Watch Peter’s video below to learn more.